Saturday, 18 June 2011

Re Cycling

Pegwell Bay with a field full of wild flowers in front and some derelict cooling towers behind.  I have now linked my phone to the blog so expect many pics from my cycling trips to appear here over the coming weeks and months. 

I'm limbering up for a London to Canterbury ride on September 11th.  It's an 80 mile route.  The ride this pic was taken on was about 50 miles. 

It was a great ride with only one or two hairy moments. 

The first hairy moment involved this cow.  (Bull? Too hairy to tell!) He/she/it stuck a horn out of a bush as I was whizzing past.  Nipped back to take this pic.  The second hairy moment was more of a series.  I have heard of a "back crack and sack" wax and scoffed at the whimpy pathetic excuses of men who might indulge in such things.  But maybe some of them were cyclists.  Sitting on a rather small and hard saddle for mile after mile in the blazing sun involves a problematic interaction between sweat, hair and fake leather that starts out as uncomfortable and ends in agony! 

I've been quiet on here for ages, not that anyone will have noticed or cared much, but being reborn is a lengthy process.  I'm still bookselling part time but my reading has collapsed.  Where I used to polish off more than a book a week I now struggle to finish a book a month.  Why?  Partly I think I'm probably shattered by the loss of my beloved bookselling empire.  Partly I have been writing a lot myself.  100,000 words of a novel and a series of short stories.  I am formatting the shorts as a Kindle E-Book and hope to have them published next week. 

Watch this space...

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