Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Back On My Bike

Glorious cycle down the coast from Whitstable to Reculver this morning to re-gain mental balance. After work last night I was down the garden grappling with a backed up drain 'till bad light stopped play. I had another go this morning before seeking professional help.

"Let's just say you loosened it for us shall we?" said the smiling drain man.

More money I don't have down the toilet. (Sorry!)

Yeah, so it was great to escape on my bike for a while. I was feeling a bit rusty when I heard the click-click of someone changing gear to overtake. Immediately I used more muscle power and hovered around 20ft behind. I knew there was a big hill coming. Let's see how hard you really are I thought, hoping I could stand the climb myself after a month or so off. To my great satisfaction I motored past as the hill got steeper. A bloke and his girlfriend stalled half way up went silent as I passed, standing but making good speed.

Part-timers! The elation was ridiculous...

I may be crap at DIY and drains but I'm one bad mutha on a bike.
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