Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Let's Get Digital

I am reading a new book called Let's Get Digital by David Gaughran. I am finding it a truly liberating experience in that I feel my entire adult life has been skewed by the thorny issue of how to get published. For years I have written away and shoved it in a drawer. Working as a bookseller brings you face to face with the harsh facts of the industry, or rather the facts as they were. What seems increasingly clear is that things are changing at speed.

Ok, so not everything is perfect. I have discovered something that bores my wife even faster than early 90s techno from Detroit. E-book formatting!

But listen, remember how hard it used to be to set your video? Remember when you needed an IT professional in every office? Then they invented the Mac, computers for idiots. The World caught up. Now everything is easy and anyone can do it. This is the new PUNK.

Let's get digital peeps, you know it makes sense...

PS If you are still having problems with your electronic equipment can I recommend sitting in a dark room with the above track playing at massive volume? It will alter your brainwaves with high and low frequencies and afterwards you might even find you can dock your I-Pod by sticking it up your


  1. I clicked play before I read the rest of your post. Not what I needed after formatting until 5:30am last night!

    I think my brain is now permanently rewired.



  2. At least you can use any available orifices to dock your I-Pod now :)